40 Thieves (2004-2006)

The 40 thieves from the story “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves” have always been a nameless bunch. Ill-reputed like any group of feisty, dangerous fiends, they were always seen as a faceless horde.” 40 thieves” finally changed this. Every single thief is represented by a name and a portrait image, identifiable and recognizable in his character traits according to the surviving historical documents.


An art book edition called “Die vierzig Räuber von A...” (“A’s 40 Thieves”) was published by Constantin Post Edition, Cologne, in 2006.



“Those who open up to the strangeness within and give it a name, those who free it from the incarceration of namelessness, redeem it. They empower themselves and as a gift, receive a spell otherwise only envisioned in dreams.”


Khalil Gibran