"Hereby, I solemnly pledge to fervently and without any fear or sruples believe into this life in all its inconsistency and unquestionable beauty, in an eternal, versatile present that seems limited by weird passages. I pledge to accept the game and the dance of this sole existing world in my thoughts, with my senses and through my expression and answer it in my own way. I will do all that is within my lambent power to calmly discard lazy attempts to establish an exterior, detectable general meaning, messages, general commitments and laws - in short: all that is un-sensual and instead feel at home in this world like a child locked up in a department store for the night. I pledge to not let others' words, no matter how sublime, diminish the global-autistic joy with which I not only regard anything that comes my way with my own eyes, but also react upon it in my own special way and baptize it with my own names, in my own language."


Artist's Pledge, 2009