Leseschmaus (2023)

A beautiful poem appeals to all the senses. Really all of them? "Leseschmaus" offers the most beautiful poems in the world in culinary form. In the form of letter noodles colored black with sepia ink, each package contains the excerpted wording of your favorite poem. The little delicacy is enriched by the poem itself on the back of the package. "Leseschmaus" has already been successfully represented at several festivals, including "Poesie im Park" in August 2023 and the Frankfurt Museumsuferfest.


"Leseschmaus" is a really nice gift for all lovers of literature and enjoyment of life!


Poems by Mascha Kaléko, Bertolt Brecht, Joachim Ringelnatz, Robert Gernhardt, Ernst Jandl and Kurt Schwitters were selected.


More informations: https://www.instagram.com/leseschmaus_poesie/