ENLIGHTENMENT goes back to an art action from 2012. At that time, I created a total of eight pictures by hand in complete darkness in the flood basement of the architecture faculty of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and placed them in an opaque envelope immediately after their completion, still in the absolute absence of light. Only when each picture was hidden in its envelope was a candle lit, with the help of which each envelope was sealed with sealing wax. Something really impressive happened during the creation of these pictures: In the midst of absolute blackness, I was flooded with inner images that I put to paper as quickly as I could with a pen. The immediate impulse to draw was saturated at a certain point in each image; I knew the image was ready. Without the control of the eye, expressions of inner dynamic images emerged. The hands made what I saw inwardly, in complete autonomy. I would like to make this intense experience possible for others. In a completely darkened room, the visitor can follow the inner urge and autonomy of his fingers, free from any control by his own gaze. Afterwards, he can decide for himself whether to bring his work into the light of day to examine it, or whether to put it in an envelope and not yet reveal the secret of what he has done. From May 10 to 14, 2023, many impressive works of art were created, some of which will be forever hidden from view and accessible to the visitors' sense of touch in a darkened room.