Georg Joachim Schmitt was born in Trier/Germany in 1963.

After his civilian service, he studied (among other things) philosophy, art, classical philology and art history at Bonn and Tubingen. After graduating, he started working at the University of Bonn's philosophical department and was active in the film and media sector for several years afterwards. Since 1997, he has been realizing free projects in the areas of film, photography, literature, art, music and new media.


Additionally, he is working as a journalist for Süddeutsche Zeitung, Titanic and Spiegel Online, among others.


He calls his approach to art "esthetical exploration". In 2007, he founded the cologne contemporary international art biennale 08 that decidedly addresses issues of the research on cognition in a cultural context.


He lives in Cologne with his family and alternately works in Cologne and Wiesbaden.



Selected Works:


1997     "lost voices", indigo film produktion und skript, Köln

1997     "The Groucho Club", Groucho Club, London

1998     "Alphabet der Elemente", Galerie Paleo, Köln

2000     "Du sollst keine anderen Götter speisen neben mir!", Kölngalerie, Köln

2001     "Blindspiegel", Multiple Box, Frankfurt a. M.

2002     "Nutrition Facts of Money", Expo '02, Biel/Schweiz (Kurator: Harald Szeemann)

2002     "Die Allmacht des Blickes", edition nadir, Köln

2003     "Ora & Colora", Galerie Ephemer, Wiesbaden

2005     "Corso", Kunstsalon 112, Köln

2006     "Die vierzig Räuber von A...", Verlag Constantin Post, Köln

2006     "Erster Deutscher Künstlerstreik", Berlin

2009     "ingredients", ubu/editions, New York (Editor: Kenneth Goldsmith)

2010     "Mise en Abyme", Peperoni Books, Berlin

2011     "russando", TU-134, Köln

2011     "Spelling Letters", Markus Braach, Zürich

2012     "Merda d'Oro", PogoBooks, Berlin

2012     "Spelling Love"

2012     "Notes on Expropriation"

2012     "Christof Malchen. Expropriating Art"

2014     "Adolphus Hitler D 30"

2014     "Fíth-Fáth - Cernunnos-Transformation"

2016     "7000 Eicheln und ein Todesfall", WK-16, Frankfurt am Main

2016     "So nicht, Herr Malewitsch!", Projektraum basis, Frankfurt am Main

2016     "Lost Reels - Verschollene Filme 1917-1986", Kunstverein Familie Montez